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  2. Definition of Standard Probate Application means a standard originating application for a Grant of Probate to the Supreme Court Registry in Queensland and excludes contested originating applications, for example should a family member dispute or lodge a caveat against your originating application or a later Will be found, invalid Wills, damaged Wills, lost Wills, obtaining or investigating supporting evidence, questioning and drafting additional evidence to support testamentary capacity of the deceased, questioning and drafting additional evidence to support the execution of a Will by a witness whether interested or not, questioning and drafting additional evidence to support incorporated document(s) by reference in the Will, caveats and requisitions, all matters referred to the Court for judicial review and order, or any reasonable issue we deem outside the scope of a standard originating application for a Grant of Probate.
  3. Online Application means the information and documentation provided by you through our website and sent to us in any manner from the use of our website or the information contained on our website and automated emails.
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