Property Transfers

Inheritance Solutions assists executors with transferring Queensland real estate / property from a deceased estate.

Sale of Property

If the executors intend on selling a property from a deceased estate we organise the property to be first transferred into the names of the executors. This allows the executors to be registered on the title to the property (as executors only). Thereafter the executors can enter into contract for the sale of the property to a third party (the buyer).

The executors can be listed on the contract of sale as follows:

[Insert Full Executor/s Name/s] as the personal representative/s of the Estate of [Insert Deceased Full Name]

Transfer to Beneficiaries

Reasons for such a transfer:

a. Beneficiaries are entitled to property and the property is not being sold; and

b. A Will provides that the Beneficiaries are entitled to the Property or residuary estate which will include the property.

Beneficiaries Buying/Selling to other Beneficiaries

Beneficiaries have the ability to enter into agreement for the sale/purchase of their share of property.

Inheritance Solutions How we can help you!

Inheritance Solutions organise property transfers for deceased estates. Because there are a variety of solutions available to you we encourage you to give us a call to discuss your circumstances. Our advantages are:

  • Our team is led by Nathan Basnett, award winning, local Wills & Estates Solicitor ( Juris Doctor);

  • We welcome our clients to contact us without fee; and

  • We can put together a package deal when combining a Property Transfer with a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration Application.

Property Transfers - Inheritance Solutions

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