What Probate Looks Like

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A Grant of Probate issued in Queensland looks as follows:

A Grant consists of a Form 121 printed on a coloured A4 Page with the following details:

  1. Registry in which the Grant was issued.
  2. Number of the Supreme Court Filing.
  3. Estate Particulars: including Full Name (and Alias Names if any), last known address and the date of death of the deceased.
  4. The Grant then states that a copy of the Will is annexed to the Form. Each annexed page is pressed with the Supreme Court of Queensland Seal which you can feel if you run your fingers over the lower left part of the annexed Will.
  5. Executor Details: The Grant names the Executor(s) including their full name and address.
  6. The Grant contains a red official Seal of the Supreme Court of Queensland and the signature of the Registrar.

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