Probate Fees

Inheritance Solutions is a Queensland business dedicated to Probate and Deceased Estates Law in Queensland.

We offer the best value in Solicitors fees when applying for a Grant of Probate in Queensland. We work on fixed pricing with no additional charge when our clients call or email us.

We accommodate Executors who wish to attend to the estate administration themselves but have been requested to obtain a Grant of Probate in Queensland.

Solicitors Fees Probate

Inheritance Solutions Solicitors Fees for attending to a Full Service Standard Probate Application, including representing the Executors in the Supreme Court Registry, is $1,500 excluding disbursements (outlined below). Our prices reflect total costs, taking into consideration GST.

As a dedicated deceased estate law firm we apply for Grants of Probate regularly which provides us with greater ability to identify any potential Probate issue that can be disclosed to you before you start your probate application. Such experience has led to our previous clients rating us 5 stars for no hidden costs as detailed in our client testimonial page.

Grant of Probate Disbursements - As at 1 January 2020 (Updated Fee Legislation Introduced):

  • Supreme Court Filing Fee - $722.60 (Government Concession Card Holders may be eligible for a Reduced Filing Fee - $131.80);

  • Advertisement: 1 x Queensland Law Reporter - $161.70.

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How to Start Probate with Inheritance Solutions

We welcome you to either contact us directly via telephone, or, you can utilise our online probate service. No appointment necessary.

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