Probate Notices

Generally the process of commencing an application to obtain a Grant of Probate starts with the publication of Probate Notices in the Queensland Law Reporter (QLR) and Newspaper relative to the deceased’s last residential address.

Executors can expect the following personal details to publish in a Probate Notice along with other legal requirements:

1. The Date of the Deceased’s last Will;
2. The Deceased’s Full Name (including alias names);
3. The last residential address of the Deceased; and
4. Full Names of the Executors.

Inheritance Solutions prepares Probate Notices and arranges their publication on behalf of our clients. At Inheritance Solutions we generally can save our clients tens to hundreds of dollars from our business connections at the Newspaper Publishers and by being mindful of publication space in the Probate Notices.

How we achieve cost savings is explained as follows:

Be mindful of publication space

The Newspaper Publishers generally charge on a line by line or box basis. It is common for us to see law firms dedicated to other areas of law use almost double the publication space in the Newspapers by simply not having enough experience of what must be included and what can be excluded. Information such as the Address in the Will, Date of Death, Addresses of Executors etc are not legally required to be published nor does the Supreme Court Registry require such extras. Publication of unnecessary extras only increases advertising costs by around $100.

Newspaper Fonts

Executors should be aware that some Newspaper Publishers regularly use comparative extra large text font sizes then necessary when publishing Probate Notices which significantly increases cost. Such Newspapers Publishers will use regular text font only if you know to request it through managers with authority. We have seen Probate Notices decrease in price by around $70 just in using the right text font.

Find the best Newspaper

Some locations have multiple Newspapers that are approved for Probate Notices by law and the price between them can vary by hundreds of dollars. The difference between advertising a Probate Notice in a local Newspaper vs the Qld circulated Courier Mail can differ by around $270.

At Inheritance Solutions we care to notice. We believe it’s the little things like this that contributes to our 5 star no-hidden cost rating from our clients, see our client testimonials page.

QLR Booking Deadline for Probate Notices

The Queensland Law Reporter (QLR) publishes Probate Notices only once a week and they require bookings to be made 1 week in advance (Monday booking for Friday publication). To avoid any additional delays we recommend starting your probate application as soon as possible so that we can book your Probate Notice in the next edition of the QLR which closes in:

“At Inheritance Solutions, we care to notice.”