Letters of Administration

Inheritance Solutions is a local firm that helps applicants release Superannuation and Insurance Death Benefits by providing supporting evidence such as Letters of Administration.

We also provide assistance with completing Death Benefit Claims Forms with supporting evidence on instances where an applicant wants to maximise their claim against others who may also have a claim.

If you have received a letter advising that a Grant of Letters of Administration may be required, or, you are in the process of appealing a decision to either the trustee or Superannuation Complaints Tribunal we welcome your call.

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Need to overturn a decision at the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal?

Often an unfair decision by a superfund trustee is a result from a Death Benefit Claim Application not being completed to emphasis your legal rights and circumstances. Applying to the Superannuation Complaints Tribunal using the same argument and evidence does not automatically guarantee a different result.

How can Inheritance Solutions help?

  1. Development of legal arguments for applicants to support a fair decision.
  2. Producing evidence reports to support legal arguments.
  3. Representation of applicants when approved.

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